Bochum, Germany April 2009

Bochum 2009

A couple of weeks ago we went to Germany and a "small" town called Bochum in the Rhur Area, to visit some friends that Christin got to know when she was in England. Here’s the story, or at least the pictures :P

Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009

We started off with eating a typical German schnitzel and finished the meal with a vanilla pudding that Christin forced Katinka to buy (:P)because we don’t have that in Sweden.
Katinka and Sebastian did the wash and me and Christin was just relaxing :).

After the dinner we went for a walk through the large park in Bochum and ended up in a nice pub and had a couple of beers. When we walked back to Katinka and Sebastians place we passed what Sebastian calls Bochums "Eifeltower" :).

The Eifeltower Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009

The next day we went to Essen, a sligthly larger city and here I found whom to call next time I want a party – “Gulaschkanone” :). We had a afternoon tea/coffe/very bubbly cappucino. Then I found the “Sausage man”, I asked Katinka to buy a sausage for me and then I asked the Sausage Man if I could take a picture, but I don’t think i understood anything :). Well, the sausage was very nice :).

Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009

For some reason they had like the worlds biggest cake in Essen. It was very, very big! And it tasted real nice.

Very big cake

In Essen they have a very big, kind of museum of the industrial age. It’s a huge place that earlier was a coalmine. The place is called Zeche Zollverein and it was quite cool. I took som “arty” pictures there:

Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009

I found a nice symbolism in the picture with the bolts, It’s just like one among the others. It was probably like this the workers in this factory felt. This picture is also a very nice proof of what a lens with 1.4 apparture can give you :).

Sebastian, Katinka and Christin

Bochum 2009

When we were walking to Bochum city we passed a “Bismarck Tower”, it’s a pretty high tower and to be a good german you should climb the steps atleast once a week(or mayby once a month). Well you have a nice view from the top.

Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009 Bochum 2009

If you go to Bochum you have to have “Currywurst”. It’s sausage and currysauce, real nice! You should also have a beer from Fiege, a local brand that also was very neat. (If you go to Essen, don’t try their local beer it sucks!)

Bochum 2009

Bochum 2009Just a nice tree in the park. I like how the leavs on the ground complements the tree in this picture.

Bochum 2009The Germans idea of art? No, it was the german kids idea of art :).

And some funnyfaces :)

Bochum 2009Bochum 2009Bochum 2009

Thank you Katinka and Sebastian for a wonderful stay!

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